Natural remedy for muscle soreness and over training that works fast!

Is coffee good or bad for you?

If you travel anywhere in the world you won’t find a shortage of coffee houses.  Coffee is probably the most popular beverage in the world.  It is estimated in the U.S. alone 107 million people enjoy a cup of java daily. 

With so many coffee drinkers globally i...

What are digestive enzymes. Signs you may need them and how to take them.

September 11, 2019

Celery seed is found in the flowers of the celery stalk, are brown in color, and are said to have a strong, pleasant smell.

Properties such as flavonoids (antioxidants), coumarins (blood thinners), and linoleic acid (one of the omega-6 fatty acids), are what make celery seeds beneficial for one’s hea...

September 3, 2019

The thyroid gland (located on the lower front part of the neck) is a hormone-producing gland that helps in numerous bodily functions from regulating the body’s metabolism to controlling energy levels and body temperature. Therefore, the hormones produced by the thyroid have a major influence in all...

Millions suffer with digestive issues bloating, burp up and even nausea every time they eat. This simple home test and remedy can relieve your digestive problem

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What To Do for Fast Recovery From Over Worked Muscles and Pain

December 17, 2019

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