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Financial Policy


We are not participating providers with any insurance companies, including Medicare, so we can do what is best for you, without any constraints. We will provide a receipt which you can submit to your insurance carrier, but there is no guarantee you will be reimbursed for the services rendered.

Lab tests that your doctor requests may or may not be covered by your personal insurance. Although we will do our best to explain the charges for any lab tests that have been ordered, payment is expected at the time of visit and we will provide you with a receipt for reimbursement by your provider. 

Important Note: Some clients may expect a full treatment program during the new patient consult, this is not possible as labs haven’t been ordered and additional data will need to be collected before prescribing a complete treatment plan. If patients have realistic expectations entering the new patient consult, it allows us to work together better and increase our chances of achieving your health goals. This is a process and takes time. 

These fees DO NOT include any nutritional supplements Dr. Linda may prescribe. 

Initial Fees-Functional Medicine

Individual Visit Fee Schedule-Applicable for Dr. Linda

15 minute Initial Free Phone Consult.....$0

Note: after the first missed free consult, a $25 refundable deposit will be required

to schedule the second consult
60 minute New Patient Initial FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE Consult and prep.....$275

If comprehensive labs are reviewed, functional report and wellness report will be provided as noted in the 2nd visit fees below.

Note: a 24 hour notice is required for cancellation of an appointment. Patient will be responsible for a $40 fee if cancellation is less than 24 hours.

Payment for appointment is due upon date services are rendered, date labs are completed and will be charged to the credit card on file. A $25 service charge will be charged for any returned checks, declined cards, NSF.


2nd Visit

40 minute 2nd Visit Follow Up & Review of Labs.....$175

Functional Blood Test Report & Wellness Protocol ....$175

Functional Blood Test Report, Wellness Protocol, Video Recording.....$195

Wellness Report with Video for outside labs or GI MAP.....$125

Follow Up Consults


30 minute follow up...$150

40 minute follow up...$175

Lab Fees

Blood tests fees vary for patients.....from $300

Hormone Salivary and Urine Testing.....$375

GI Map (gut testing).....$450

Cyrex Food Sensitivity Testing.....$339 - $580

Cyrex Wheat/Gluten Proteome Reactivity & Autoimmunity.....$269

Prices for all other tests available by contacting the office

Fees for Established Clients only after 2nd visit


Membership plans of 6 and 12 months are now available.

Fees for Chiropractic Services

New patient initial exam & visit.............$120

Chiropractic adjustment & modalities ...........$75


We are NOT for everyone. I only want people who are committed to resolving their health issues.

You should NOT schedule ANY appointments:

  1. You’re looking for an instant, easy fix. This is a process takes time and dedication. You didn’t create the problem overnight.

  2. You’re not interested in changing your bad habits, diet and beliefs.

  3. You’re not coachable. You DON’T want to make the changes that we are recommending.

  4. You’re not able (because of cost, etc.) or willing to take supplements. They are one of the main tools I use to help people heal.

  5. You’re depending on your insurance to pay for our services. All services are out of pocket and you are paying for our time we spend before, during and after your appointments to find the right solution at the time of each visit.

  6. You're not sure if you want to get better because then you might be asked to help out with other things at home, go back to work or may even have less family visits because you’re doing better and you don’t require as much attention.

  7. You're not committed to working on any emotional issues that may be present and hindering your health and ability to move toward healing.

  8. Your family represents a barrier and resistance to making changes in your life. For example, you’re not able to change your diet if your family objects.

  9. You need references and research to back up everything that I say. Almost everything I recommend with your patients has research behind it, but some of it doesn’t. It is based on my clinical experience of what works and everyone is different. You can do your own research in  or go to the references in our blog posts, handouts and YouTube videos.


If the above list does not describe you, then we may be a good fit for you! Whether you’re a patient with chronic illness trying to find out why you can’t improve then we are for you. We will provide a roadmap for improving your health and getting well. We will provide you tools to help you get back on your feet and to live your life on purpose with energy and passion.  If you follow my years of training, protocols, personal experience you will be on track to feeling amazing!

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