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How Not To Get Sick During The Holidays

So the flu season begins! The holidays bring the best and the worst in us. During the holidays most people with gain at least 5-7 pounds, call out sick from work, experience more stress, exercise less, sleep less and experience more fatigue.

Here are a few strategies to help you thrive and enjoy the holidays:

Create a morning routine

  • Drink 8-12 ounces upon rising to re-hydrate

  • Take a cold shower even if its 1-2 minutes to awaken the nervous system

  • Speak out 2-3 things you are grateful for (bed, good night sleep, you woke up)

  • Visualize your ideal day

Incorporate movement

  • Try Tabata style workout

  • Track your movement and go for 10,000 steps

  • Take 5-15 minute walks before and after meals

  • Set hourly timers to get up and move

  • Before getting into the car take a short 3-5 minute walk

Add healing foods to boost your immune system

  • Sip on 1 cup of bone broth daily

  • Make my favorite tea for prevention or if you start to feel something coming on try my Flu bomb

  • Try essential oils in a diffuser to keep the atmosphere free of virus and bacteria or apply to the bottom of your feet, check out our online store

  • My favorite products include adaptogens, vitamin c and mushrooms, check our online supplement dispensary

How to minimize and get rid of sugar cravings

Sugar suppresses the immune system so eliminating sugary foods will be key

  • Try our cranberry cocktail (unsweetened cranberry, lemon, apple cider vinegar)

  • Place 1/4 teaspoon sea salt to tip of tongue

  • Add 5 tablespoons of olive oil or avocado to daily diet

  • Drink more water

  • Avoid starchy foods (cookies, breads, chips, bagels, pasta) and try fermented foods like pickles and sauerkraut

  • Eat more fat (fat bombs are my go to snacks)

Try these 3 simple hacks you can do anywhere

  • Drink water

  • Take 6 deep breaths

  • Do a good deed (smile at a stranger or text an encouraging message to a friend) or try a belly laugh


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