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When COVID-19 Returns

Don’t make the same mistake about COVID that Jane made….

The stay at home order was initiated in the first state on March 19th and the last state on April 7th South Carolina.

Thursday, March 19th - California

Friday, March 20th – Nevada

Saturday March 21st – Illinois and New Jersey

Sunday March 22nd- Louisiana and New York

Tuesday, March 31st – Arizona

So many people want to get back to the new normal, which will not happen because there will be nothing normal about wearing a mask in public, not shaking hands, sterilizing everything you touch, and wearing gloves.

So what’s going to happen when the next round of COVID comes around?

And there will be a next round because there is an annual flu season and they’re already planting that bug in your ear to scare you and/or prepare you, whatever you want to believe.

Think about this for a minute. Every year FLU season starts around when?

Let me tell you when the next round will happen.

It will begin right about Halloween. Follow the time line:

Halloween – we load up on sugar>>>>> it suppresses our immune system

Thanksgiving – we over indulge on food and sweets>>>>>> it suppresses our immune system

Christmas – we overindulge on sweets, holiday cocktails, parties, sleep less and stress about the perfect holiday experience and gifts>>>>>>>>>>> it suppresses our immune system

New Year’s Eve – one last hooray, overindulgence of alcohol and sweets before we start our New Year’s resolution to get healthy and get fit >>>>>>>>>>it suppresses our immune system

January – March/April – many states get snowed in and less likely participate in physical activity, eat comfort food (mostly sugar) >>>>>>>>>> it suppresses our immune system

Let me just get to the point.

There will always be bacteria and viruses in our environment. They will thrive in an ideal environment. The ideal environment is a weakened and unhealthy immune system.

It is impossible to sterilize every part of your body, home, office or vehicle. It’s not going to happen!

What can you do, so you don’t make the same mistake Jane made?

Jane chose to wear down her immune system in October and continued through March/April by eating sugary and processed food.

She didn’t exercise regularly.

She watched TV daily for 2-3 hours after work and the news before bed.

She enjoyed her daily wine and evening cocktails.

She didn’t have great relationships with family or a strong support group.

She complained a lot instead of taking the time to help others.

How can you minimize becoming a victim to COVID-19 or COVID-20?

How to prepare for the next round.

Take responsibility for your health.

Good health does not come in a pill whether it’s a drug or vitamin.

Great health is practicing daily habits of what you eat, the quality and quantity of sleep, community, contribution, mental attitude, good hygiene practice, how much exercise and movement you get.

Since 60-80% of your immune system is in your gut, the biggest shift you can make is controlling what you eat. Eating the right ingredients that your body likes, not necessarily what you like. E.g. you may hate broccoli but your body loves it and you may love cookies but you get aches, pains, skin rashes, added weight gain, and fatigue after you eat them and indication your body doesn’t love it but you do.

Check out our website for a diet (shopping food list) I have used for over 20 years with patients for optimal health.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting different results. If you have tried to get healthy in the past and it just didn’t work, then maybe you need to consider a new way of doing things.

Schedule a 15-minute complimentary phone consult to see how we can help you. Maybe this pandemic was a wakeup call and could save your life because it’s time to do something different. If you want a different outcome in your health, you must take a different approach that you haven’t taken before.

Aren’t you worth it???

Only you can decide that…………….



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