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These 3 Tests Can Tell You How Long You Will Live

No one wants to live a long life unless they have an exceptional quality of life. You often ask a person in their 5th decade of life and they tell you getting old SUCKS, especially when they hit half a century. Getting old doesn’t have to SUCK, if you have a good quality of life.

There are many parameters that can determine your longevity. There was a study by five researchers that identified simple tests you can do at home to measure your ability to add years to your life. This 13-year study was published in the British Medical Journal in 2014, where they assessed the physical ability at the age of 53 (1,355 males and 1,411 females) and 13 years later checked to see who was alive and well.

Three tests that were evaluated:

· Standing on one leg with both eyes closed for 10 seconds or longer

· A strong grip strength (54.5 kg or 120 lbs)

· The ability to stand up and sit down in a chair multiple times in a minute (39 times for a male and 36 times for a female)

According to the research if a 53-year-old can complete these tests successfully, they are more likely to be alive and well at age 66 compared to someone who couldn’t compete these tests or performed them poorly. In other words, there were higher death rates among those who failed to complete these tasks with ease.



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