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How a Gratitude Journal Can Impact Your Overall Health and Life

Gratitude is one of the richest emotions we can experience because it helps us find meaning, hope, and direction in life.

A gratitude journal can be a useful tool to get you in the flow of practicing gratitude and becomes the antidote to the negative in life.

Establishing a journaling routine is as simple as going out and picking a journal of your liking, maybe get your favorite pen, and dedicate between 10-15 minutes a day to let your thoughts flow.

And did you know that there are many scientifically proven benefits to gratitude journaling?

  1. Journaling helps lower stress levels. By writing things down that promote a feeling of gratitude in your life, you can shift your emotional state to that of joy, peace, and love. When activated, the “happy hormones” known as dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphin decrease cortisol levels, getting you out of the fight or flight mode.

  2. Better sleep. One of the biggest reasons why many have trouble sleeping is stress. Studies have shown that journaling for 10-15 minutes before bedtime has helped in improving the quality of sleep (and even sleeping longer).

  3. Develop more appreciation for your life. When you find reasons to be grateful, you learn to appreciate what you have and what is around you. This leads to making better decisions about life (and motivation to pursue goals).

  4. Healthier relationships. When you express gratitude for the people around you, your attitude also changes towards those individuals as you learn to see the value they have in your life and having a reciprocal effect.

  5. Improved self-esteem. Gratitude journaling helps you focus on your strengths and focus on your accomplishments, reducing the need to compare yourself to others.

  6. Increased mental strength. Studies have shown that gratitude based journaling has helped many overcome trauma and anxiety, especially after an event.

  7. Become more resilient. Gratitude helps us see how we can adapt to change and serves as a great reminder of how we can “bounce back” from the challenges, coming back stronger individuals. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, right?

Therefore, if you are looking for the missing link to improving your overall health, gratitude journaling may be the answer.



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