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7 Things That Can Transform The World's Health Crises

Getting and staying healthy takes some planning and daily simple habits.

#1 Water - drink 1/2 your weight in ounces

#2 Real food - hormone free poultry, wild caught fish, grass feed beef, bison, lamb, eggs, non-gluten grains

#3 Vegetables - 5-7 cups of green leafy vegetables, cruciferous vegetables

#4 Fruits – 2- 3 servings after you have consumed enough vegetables (5-7 cups)

#5 Movement – exercise daily for 20 – 45 minutes, get up and move every hour, walk after each meal

#6 Sleep – 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep; protect the 1-2 hours prior to going to bed (no electronics)

#7 Social interaction – limit your social media activity, get out doors with friends and family, give back to the community and church activities

BONUS: Know your baseline blood markers and hormones – test 2 times/year click here for some tests done in our office


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