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7 Foundational Health Pillars

7 Foundational Health Pillars

Think Right

How you think impacts your health and the outcome of your life.

Talk Right

Your body responds to the words you speak. You are commanding the body and world around you to create what is happening in your life. "I don't have time". When you say this something in your life will show up to make this true. Be careful how you speak.

Eat Right

Every bite of food you put in your mouth, drugs or vitamins will impact your body by nourishing it or poisoning it. Check out our anti-inflammatory diet.

Sit/Stand Right

How you stand and sit impacts who you feel and tells a lot about you. If you slouch you feel lazy. If you walk in a room with your shoulders back and your chest up this empowers you.

Move Right

Our bodies were created to move. A combination of strength training, stretching and cardio are the most effective trifecta. Working out too much can be stressful to the body just like not working out at all. Appropriate rest in between workouts is important.

Poop Right

No one likes to talk about their poop, but momma's of newborns do because it tells a lot about their digestion. So why aren't you looking at the toilet after a bowel movement? Your poop tells a lot about your digestive tract and your immune system!! 60-80% of your immune system is in your gut. Check the Bristol Stool chart and see what's happening with you. Generally an effortless bowel movement in the morning, 12 inches of formed stools for the day that sink is an indication of your digestive tract doing its job.

Sleep Right

Sleep is underrated and so much healing occurs while you sleep. 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep should be your goal. Start winding down about 9pm and in bed by 10pm for optimal health.


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