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What Are GMOs and Why You Should Care

Have you heard of GMOs?

GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are organisms that have been modified in labs and inserted into plants or animals to alter genetic makeup of the living organism (that otherwise would not happen in nature or traditional crossbreeding) and to withstand a problematic condition.

The most common genetically modified foods include soybeans, alfalfa, apples, canola, corn, potatoes, and wheat.

Since introduced in the mid-90s, chronic disease has increased, food allergies have jumped significantly, and autoimmune disorders have grown in numbers.

So why should you care?

The use of GMOs promotes a higher use of pesticides. Since organisms are now genetically modified and react differently to most pesticides, more potent chemicals are needed to withstand plagues and other critters. Unfortunately, many of the chemicals remain on the produce we eat (even if you wash your fruits and veggies) and therefore enter our bodies through consumption. As a result, many of the chemicals used in the herbicides have been linked to hormone disruption, birth defects, and cancer.

So what can you do about this? Stop buying conventional and opt for more organic foods free from harmful chemicals. Avoid processed foods that are also packed with GMOs. More importantly, do you research on this topic and become an educated consumer because your health matters!

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