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5 Simple Strategies for Saving Money While Eating Healthy

Most of us make excuses that creating a healthy lifestyle is too expensive and takes up to much time. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive and take up all your free time. Here, I share with you some simple strategies that have helped me along my healthy eating journey.

Cook in batches - cooking in batches allows you to have premade meals for the week. Saves you time on having to cook daily.

Buy frozen - it’s ideal to have fresh vegetables and fruit but not always something we can do. Therefore, it's ok to buy frozen produce as well as frozen fish, meats, and poultry to have readily available when needed.

Buy canned - sometimes cooking a fresh batch of soup takes time, so having canned organic beans, veggies, fruit, make soup always an option.

Freeze your meals in glass mason jars – prep meals ahead of time for the week and freeze them in glass mason jars instead of plastic. It's safer to avoid harmful chemicals from leaching into your food.

Freeze fruits and veggies that are about to go bad – don’t throw away fruits and veggies that are about to expire, freeze them instead and use them later on in a smoothie, stir fry or soup. My kids love frozen grapes!

Other helpful strategies:

Plan your meals for the week – planning meals helps with overspending at fast food restaurants or the unhealthy all-you-can-eat food bar (I love that my kids are doing this while on a college student budget).

Shop In bulk - buying in bulk and sharing the cost helps (I have patients that buy a cow and have butchered among 5-8 families).

Swap healthy meals with friends, family, and neighbors – like a cookie exchange but it’s a healthy meal exchange. This an add variety to your meals while having fun.

Shop at farmers' markets – they have organic produce and most of it comes from small farms that have an overflow, providing a less expensive option.

Join a food co-op – smaller towns have co-ops which are like a very mini Costco or Sam’s Club, pay a small yearly fee, and get a discounted price on healthy foods.

Buy online – we live in the best time with global access to goods anytime, anywhere. One of my favorites is Amazon.

Start applying some of these simple strategies and avoid the excuses to living a healthier lifestyle!

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