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Welcome to Day 2 of the #KetoLifestyleForWomen Challenge! How did Day 1 go for you?!


I am overwhelmed with the response and grateful for those participating in the challenge. Day 1 was AWESOME!! Thank you so much to everyone who participated and posted about it so I can read how it went and what came up for you throughout Day 1! Others sharing, writing out their 3 words and sharing recipes.


Keep tagging me (on the actual photo as well!) so I can keep up with how you're doing, offer any assistance and for a possible post in my instagram story on @drlindamarquez !


You can find your community participating with you through the hashtags or within my instagram stories. Don't be afraid to give support to other participating! It is great practice for life. When we provide support, especially when not asked, we are given support back in return! You are all incredible people to be even committing to taking this 7-day journey with me and it's exciting to see what opens up for you!

If you happened to miss it, here is the link for Day#1

Don't forget to star, move and flag my email so you don't miss a day! Be sure to search for the email on your computer. It is usually easier to search through all the folders there and don't forget to type my email ( into the search box to see what pops up!

Click on the link below to access Day 2 of the challenge:

Here is what I'm requesting you do in order to win:

  • Take a photo or video of anything that resonates with you about the day's challenge. Your keto meals? Keto drinks? How about what your why???


  • Post it to Instagram on your WALL  so I can hear what came up with you about Day 2


  • Hashtag #KetoLifestyleForWomen #DrLindaMarquez and tag me (@DrLindaMarquez

Aside from the prizes, keep reflecting back again on your "why", review your goals, and go over your 3 daily words. Maybe they change, maybe they stay the same. That is all up to you! Start this challenge strong to build up the momentum to carry you through. You got this! I so believe in you!


I hope you enjoy Day 2! Click here for the handout. Can you name what the Macros are? You'll know after today's video. Remember, head over to the challenge page HERE to access the video and explanation.

In Gratitude, Service & Love

Dr. Linda

P.S. Remember to add at least 1 super food (bone broth, fermented foods, asparagus, or sea salt)

P.P.S. Tomorrow we will break down the Keto points and expand your list!

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