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Here we are Day #1 of #TheKetoLifestyleForWomen Challenge

Here is what you will receive daily for the next 7 days:


A email with a link to the video and the handout for the video to understand the keto lifestyle for women.


Click on the link below to access Day 1 of the challenge:

Click on the link below to access Day 1 of the challenge:

Here is what I'm requesting you do in order to win:

Take a photo or video of anything that resonates with you about the day's challenge.


Post it to Instagram so I can hear and see what resonated with you about Day 1


Hashtag #KetoLifestyleForWomen #DrLindaMarquez and don't forget to tag me (@DrLindaMarquez) so we can start spreading the message of love and appreciation for this amazing body we have!


Remember: your account must be public if you want me and the other challengers to see the posts!


Besides the cool prizes, the most important thing I want you to remember are the 4 questions. Reflect on your why. Take the time to write down the answers to the questions.

  • Why did I sign up for this challenge?

  • What am I hoping to get out of this challenge?

  • What do I want to learn throughout this challenge?

  • How do I want this challenge to help me become a better version of me into the New Year?


I also want you to pick the 3 words that resonate with you becoming the best version of self this year. My 3 are Gratitude, Service, Love. I want you to take the time daily to really think on these and let them permeate your soul and spirit.


Let's enjoy this journey together and share the challenge with others, here is the link and page for the explanation of the challenge.


Here is your clean out your kitchen list and shopping list (we are going to add more to this list in a couple of days). in case you didn't get a jump start on it this weekend.

In Gratitude, Service & Love,

Dr. Linda Marquez

P.S. I have some pretty awesome announcements coming up in a few days

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