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Dr. Linda Marquez Goodine

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Doctor of Chiropractic


Become the CEO of Your Health

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your unlimited potential!

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Where to start?

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A New Approach


The times have changed the way health care will be delivered.  We have a system that focuses on disease and not wellness. There is a new paradigm shift in healthcare and it's about focusing on the cause, prevention of dis-ease, and focusing on wellness.

  • Chronic diseases are the cause of 7 of every 10 deaths

  • More than 2 in 3 adults are either obese or overweight

  • 1 in 6 children are obese

  • Over 100 million Americans are diabetic or pre-diabetic

  • Thyroid conditions are under-diagnosed

  • GI issues are remedied with drugs or unnecessary surgical procedures

The CDC estimates that by changing poor diet, inactivity, and smoking this could PREVENT 90% of overall heart disease and stroke, 40% of cancer, and 80% of type 2 diabetes.

How We Can Help You

✅ If you’re tired of your doctor telling your labs are normal but you feel like crap…….WE GET IT


✅ If you’re tired of the 5-7 minute doctor visit only to walk out with another prescription for a health problem…….WE GET IT


✅ If you’re tired of asking your doctor to test for other lab markers because you know something is not right but they ignore you…….WE GET IT

✅ If you're ready to make a change but don’t know how…….WE CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN

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