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Thyroid Reset Mastermind

According to the American Thyroid Association

  • 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease

  • 60% of them are unaware

  • 1 in 8 women will suffer with a thyroid condition in their lifetime

  • Women are 5-8 X's more likely than men to have thyroid problems

  • 80% of people with hypothyroid/low functioning thyroid are women

Begins August 9th at
5:30 pm PST online

Did You Know EVERY Cell In The Body Depends On Your Thyroid....

Do you struggle with.....


Stubborn weight


Hair loss

Dry skin & hair

Irregular menstrual cycles


Low sex drive

Brain fog


Do you want to.......

Experience more energy

Be in a better mood

Improve your hair growth

Have glowing and clearer skin

Get rid of stubborn belly fat

Have pain-free healthy periods

Transition into menopause effortlessly

Get your passion and excitement for life back

Get rid of sugar cravings

Improve your digestion

What's This Mastermind About?

This mastermind is for women who want to optimize their thyroid health, have a step by step blueprint, a community of women and 2 female doctors guiding them in transforming their health. We are doctors but we are not your doctor during this mastermind. This is a group program. 

Mastermind $497 (reg. $2,000 value)

Healthy Cooking

What to expect

  • 4 weekly group zoom meetings for support, education and accountability

  • You will learn what caused YOUR THYROID PROBLEM and what to do about it

  • WE will provide you with healthy recipes to optimize thyroid health

  • We will work TOGETHER in learning how  your thyroid works and how optimize thyroid function

  • You will UNDERSTAND your thyroid markers and which ones are the most important

  • Do you need thyroid hormones? Are they really necessary? Are you on the right dosage?

  • Weekly handouts and guides

  • Access to recorded group meetings

  • Learn to create your own meal plan to nourish your thyroid back to health

  • August 9th to August 30

  • Weekly open hour for Q & A

Preparation Week

Prior to meeting: begin eating plan, get blood work done (labs required), what to expect (pre-recorded video

Week #1 What Does Your Thyroid Do & What Caused It To Malfunction  

  • What's the thyroid, how it works, why thyroid hormone balance is VITAL and the biggest mistake most doctors make for thyroid optimization.

  • What does thyroid malfunction look like (common signs & symptoms)

  • What tests to do at home

  • What causes your thyroid problem

Week #2 What Proper Thyroid Testing & Medication Is Needed 

  • What tests are essential for determining thyroid function, what they mean, what your doctor could be missing

  • Understand your thyroid medication, why you may not be getting better with them, which ones are the most effective for specific thyroid conditions

Week #3 Nutritional Support &  Foods That Harm and Heal The Thyroid

  • Learn what foods are harming your thyroid

  • Learn what foods nourish the thyroid

  • What are the essential nutrients for healthy thyroid function

Week #4 Advanced Strategies and Testing

  • Lifestyle changes that go a long way for optimal thyroid function

  • Advanced testing beyond blood testing

  • How to put all the information together

What others are saying

"I had seen so many doctors for my fatigue and weight gain but the doctors told me my thyroid was normal. It wasn't until Dr. Linda did a full thyroid panel that we discovered I had Hashimoto's."

"I kept losing my hair and was tired all the time. I knew something was wrong even though my labs were normal. I had seen at least 4 different doctors and they all said nothing was wrong. Finally, Dr. Linda explained what could be the cause and after thorough testing, I found out that I had hyperthyroidism. My energy is the best in years and finally my hair is growing again."


100% Risk Free. Money Back Guarantee. 

Mastermind $497 (a $2,000 value)

Because we are so passionate about helping women and empowering them to take control of their health, that is why we want to make it SO EASY for you to be confident you will get to the root cause and have a blueprint!

If after 30 days of enrollment and you have completed all the videos, handouts, questionnaires, testing, you don't feel like you have the insight, tools, action steps and strategies you need to get to the root cause of your thyroid and how to fix it......

Simply email and we will hit the "undo" on this "Thyroid Mastermind Reset.

It's time to get to the root cause of your thyroid problem 30 day guarantee