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Why Your Life is Great or Not

Are there areas in your life that you’re not happy with?

Maybe you need to ask this question...

Are you interested OR committed?

Many people are INTERESTED in achieving their goals and not committed. What's the difference?


You will do what is easy.

You will do what is convenient.

You will do what everyone else is doing.

You will compare yourself to everyone else.

You will believe your stories.

You will believe your reasons.

You will believe your excuses.

You will stay in the victim mode.

You will say "life happens to me."

You will be a victim of your current circumstances/reality and come up with reasons and excuses why you can’t do it.

You will FOCUS on the reasons why you can’t.


When you are committed you will be able to achieve whatever goals you want to achieve NO MATTER WHAT!


You will learn what you need to learn.

You will practice what you need to practice.

You will drill what you need to drill.

You will rehearse what you need to rehearse.

You will do whatever it takes.

When you are committed you will acquire the skills necessary.

When you are committed you will get the knowledge you need.

When you are committed you will figure out a way you can vs why you can’t.

You will let go of the stories, excuses, and reasons why you can’t achieve them - in essence you are hypnotizing yourself why you can or can’t do something with the words you speak over yourself daily.

How do you start?

1. Write out your goals (health, finances, relationship, spiritual, travel, business/career/professional, charity).

2. Write out one goal for each area of your life.

3. Write out when do you want to achieve it.

4. Write 4 specific action steps for each goal:

  • What do you need to learn?

  • What do you need to believe?

  • What do you need to DO?

  • Who do you need to become?

5. Take consistent daily, weekly, and monthly action toward your goals and don’t let stories, reasons, or circumstance get in the way.

The people who reach their goals are committed to achieving their goals no matter what. This is the mindset and tenacity you have to have and get to cultivate.

So next time something isn’t working ask yourself – AM I INTERESTED OR COMMITTED?


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