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Two Words That Can Change Your Life

The power of I AM. We have the power to declare and make changes in our life with the most powerful tool. Our words! What you speak out to the Universe will seek you out and find you. I am.....................

When you look at your life are you happy with what you see? Did you know that most everything you see, you created? That may be upsetting or you may nod in agreement.

Our words are powerful and how we use them can bless us or tear us down. It’s your choice. So what comes to mind when you hear I am (fill in the blank)? Was it positive or negative?

Did it sound like this:

  • I AM so stupid

  • I AM tired

  • I AM so busy

  • I AM always late

  • I AM overwhelmed

  • I AM old

  • I AM average

  • I AM broke

Or did it sound like this:

  • I AM amazing

  • I AM healthy

  • I AM grateful

  • I AM blessed

  • I AM beautiful

  • I AM fabulous

  • I AM wonderful

  • I AM prosperous

If most of your self-talk is more like the first, perhaps changing it more like the second will draw you closer to the amazing and beautiful life you desire. Watch your words for they will seek you out to make your I AM statements true.


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