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Spring Cleaning Your Life

Every new season brings a new opportunity for beautiful change in our lives. Spring is often a time of cleaning or removing something in our life in order to make way for something new and better.

What if spring looked different this year? What would your life be like 6 -12 months from now?

After all what is in our life NOW is the result of the decisions we made 6-12 months ago.

If you’re ready to make some positive changes in one or multiple areas of your life, start here:

Remove toxic people from your life.

The people you surround yourself with tells a lot about where you are in life today. Do your friends or colleagues invigorate you and support you when you share your dreams and goals? Do they challenge you to be a better person? Do they keep you accountable? Are they also big dreamers and go getters?

If you said yes, you are in in good company. If you answered no, it's time to limit your time with them. If they tear you down, exhaust you, are needy and distract you from your goals and dreams, it's time to limit or remove them from your life.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

When we get out of our comfort zone we grow. We learn something new, we stimulate and create new brain pathways! When we don’t challenge ourselves, we stay the same, shrink and shrivel up.

What is one habit you do well in your life?

Think about something you do very well and are very consistent at. What is that habit?

Maybe it’s not hitting the snooze button.

Maybe it’s drinking 8 glasses of water every day.

Maybe it’s giving at least one person a compliment a day.

Celebrate what you do right!

What is sabotaging your growth?

If you took a good look at your life, what is one thing sabotaging your growth?

Is it a bad habit?

Is it a toxic person?

Is it excuses?

Is it a self-limiting belief?

Take a good look at this and write about it and to the next step below.

How can you apply the habit you do well to stop the self sabotaging?

How can you apply a good habit to fix what’s sabotaging your growth?

You will be surprised and a much happier person when you decide to do some spring cleaning in your life. It may not be comfortable but when you are a YES person to everyone, that takes time from you to work on your journey of becoming the best version of YOU!


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