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How To Get The Most Out of Your Doctor Visits

How to optimize your doctor visit

Most patients I see in my office are unhappy with their current provider, health care system and insurance benefits. The most common complaint is “They don’t have time for me, I feel rushed and they are not listening to what I need.”

Before I share some effective strategies there are a few things you may not know that will help you not be so harsh on your health care provider.

· They must abide by what your insurance dictates

· They are taught to treat symptoms

· They only have a few minutes due to the lack of reimbursement from insurance

· Doctor’s offices are a business and must be as efficient as possible

How can you get the most out of your doctor’s visit?

Have an intention as to why you are going to see your healthcare provider. What is the reason and what do you expect to get in return?

e.g if you go to your provider and have painful bumps in your abdomen, don’t you want to know what is it? How did I get it? How do I not get it again without taking medication? In other words what is the root cause.

What your doctor wants is…..

List of your current medications, how long you have been taking them and why you are taking them.

Copy of any recent diagnostic procedures or blood tests.

List of any supplements you may be taking.

What the patient can do to prepare for their visit

What is the reason you are going to your provider? Have a purpose and an idea of what you want. It’s like grocery shopping. You make a list, go to the store and purchase your items. Done!

Write down when your health problem started and what you have been doing for it.

If you are currently taking medication do you want to decrease dosage or eliminate it all together, then discuss this with your provider. More than 90% of medication can be eliminated with lifestyle changes (diet, stress management, exercise and proper sleep).

Do you want to find out what is causing the problem and fix it?

If you are required to take medication how long will you have to take it?

Do you want a pill and not have to do anything?

If you have been diagnosed with a health condition by another provider take the time to research your condition on and look for a drugless approach if that is your goal.

The bottom line is your health is just that, YOUR health. It’s your responsibility not your doctor’s. It is a team approach but you have to do the work.

The goal is to stay healthy, avoid doctors and hospitals and use them for crisis care only. (Car accident, fractures, life threatening conditions, etc.)

Cancer, diabetes and heart disease are in the top 10 health conditions for doctor visits. These are all related to STRESS!!

Physical Stress

· Lack of exercise

· Too much sitting

· Too much exercise

· Not enough quality sleep

Chemical Stress

· Food (conventional farmed animals, fruits and vegetables)

· GMO’s

· Prescription drugs

· Environmental toxins

· Home cleaners

· Beauty Products

· Personal hygiene products

Emotional Stress

· Divorce

· Marriage

· Death of a loved one

· Work

· Finances

· Business

· Relationships

· Kids

· Fertility issues

· Depression

· Menopause

· Puberty

There is only one pill that works for health. Taking the pill of responsibility.

Do what you need to do to optimize your health.

  • Proper blood testing 2 times/year

  • Hormone levels checked 2 times/year

  • Exercise daily

  • Eat real food free of hormones, pesticides and sustainably raised

  • Limit or avoid alcohol and sugar

  • Manage stress

  • Get adequate sleep

  • Find ways to contribute to your community

  • Spend time outdoors

  • Drink clean water

If you want to get the most out of your office visit with your health care provider, be prepared and ask them to be part of your health team and let them know you are willing to make lifestyle changes to optimize your health.

Check out our weekly podcast Wellness Wednesday Inspiration, live on Facebook Wednesdays at 1pm PST. Check out our podcast on "How To Talk To Your Provider and Get The Most Out Of Your Office Visit."


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