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How Do We Grow & Get Better

We are either growing or dying. We never stay the same. Some times we don't like change because it's uncomfortable. Most people become comfortably numb and live life asleep never reaching their highest potential. However, everything we want is outside of our comfort zone.

When we become uncomfortable, it stretches us to do something different, learn something different therefore we become different. Change can be uncomfortable but it can also be exciting.

Ready to move forward? Let's go!

1. Set a goal & know what you want

2. Have steps to get to your goal and set a deadline

3. Break down each step into smaller tasks with deadlines

4. Practice visualizing your end result, your goal using as many senses as you can (see it, hear it, feel it, taste it, smell it) make it as real as possible

5. Have an accountability partner and tell them what you will be doing on a week by week basis. When you SPEAK it to someone you are broadcasting it to the universe but most of all to YOURSELF!!


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