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5 Factors to Prepare for When Starting Keto

Ready to start a ketogenic diet? Here are some points you may want to consider and prepare for to successfully transition into this healthy lifestyle.

  1. Created a list of keto yes and keto no foods. For best results, make sure to add to you list foods that are organic, free-frange, grass-fed, and with the least additives.

  2. Clean out your pantry. Remove all foods that are not keto as to avoid temptation.

  3. Find a source in which to track your macros. There are many phone apps that can help you with tracking macros or if you prefer, you can also keep a paper and pencil food journal to keep track of food consumption and any reactions.

  4. Keep your meal simple for the first few weeks. Although it may be tempting to cook those delicious gourmet meals you see in various sites, it’s better to first become familiar with keto foods and then create a meal plan based on foods that are easy to prepare and won’t tempt you to reach for that non-keto snack before you eat.

  5. Be prepared for the keto flu. Although not everyone may experience it, some may go through an uncomfortable period of transition in which the body is learning to adapt to a new way of eating. Therefore, this can manifest in flu-like symptoms which can be relieved with drinking plenty of water, including electrolytes, and resting if needed. Most importantly, be patient with yourself. Don’t expect immediate results and give your body time to start doing what it knows how to do.

By preparing ahead and planning your new lifestyle, you are more likely to experience the benefits sooner and actually enjoy the journey!

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