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10 Ways to Create Peace in Your Mind

In today’s society being busy and having a lot on our plate has become a way of life. Unfortunately, it is not a sustainable way of life for prosperity, love, and peace. In our hearts we know this to be true otherwise we wouldn’t be searching for more meaning in our life by filling it with things to get done and checking off our TO-DO list.

One day, I was sitting in one of my strategy sessions to do more and be more in this world and my coach had asked me if I have ever meditated. I told her, "I am too busy to meditate and I have lots to accomplish in this world." As I sat and looked at her and wondered how the heck she got so much done in her life, I wondered if she meditated, so I asked. Her answer surprised me, “I meditate daily at least twice a day for 30-60 minutes." I had a lesson to learn from her. She had so much success, balance, love, joy and PEACE in her life.

Having peace in your life is not a destination but a way of life. So after years of chaos in my own life, I started to meditate among other things to have peace in my life.

So to save you frustration and time I want to share some of my top 10 strategies for creating PEACE in your mind and life.

  1. Take a long quiet walk in the woods, mountains, beach, or the lake and focus on the beauty of nature.

  2. Take 5-15 minutes to meditate.

  3. Sit down in a quiet space and take 100 breaths counting to 100.

  4. Use art as therapy; adult coloring books are the rage.

  5. Purchase a beautiful journal and pen and write for 5-10 minutes everything you love about your life (home, car, fresh air, kids, family, work) be specific.

  6. Read a book on transforming your mind. Some of my favorites include “As A Man Thinketh” by James Allen, “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, and “The Way of The Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman.

  7. Be your own best friend and tell yourself what are the great things you love about YOU.

  8. Do something kind for a stranger such as buying coffee for the person behind you or applying $10-$20 toward their purchases and have them pass it on.

  9. Soak in tub with Epsom salt and lavender oil.

  10. Go to the park and swing for 10 minutes like you did when you were a kid.

It’s better to take time to nourish our body when we are well than to try to recuperate when we are sick. Do something to love your mind and body daily.


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