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Podcast Episodes


Our Mission

Dr. Linda and Nurse Practitioner Fernanda Torres team to bring you a weekly message to empower women (and men too) by transforming their health (mind, body & spirit) to be the best version of self, to live a life fully, with purpose and passion.

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#1 Introduction to Wellness Wednesday Inspiration Our Mission - Fernanda & Dr. Linda

#2 Creating Sustainable Strategies Post COVID - Fernanda & Dr. Linda  


#3 Diabetes – A Different Approach – Fernanda & Dr. Linda


#4 Depression – The Real Cause Fernanda & Dr. Linda


#5 How to Talk To Your Doctor – Fernanda & Dr. Linda 

#6 Hypothyroid- A Functional Medicine Approach - Fernanda & Dr. Linda 

#7 Learn To Be Uncomfortable - Fernanda & Dr. Linda 

#8 Emotional Vibrational Scale – Fernanda & Dr. Linda 

#9 The Language of Money and How It Impacts Our Lives - Fernanda & Dr. Linda


#10 Addictions Come In All Sizes – Guest Author, Speaker, Podcaster Kimberly Rinaldi


#11  Create A Morning Routine  - Fernanda & Dr. Linda


#12 Why You Can’t Sleep – Fernanda & Dr. Linda


#13 Natural Healing Hacks – Guest Author, Trainer Ian Hart


#14 Obesity – A Heavy Conversation About Weight & Weight Loss Fernanda & Dr. Linda


 #15 Cancer – Never Give Up – Guest Cancer Survivor Cynthia Simmons


#16  Low Energy It’s More Than Low Vitamin B12 – Fernanda & Linda


#17 Transition into Menopause & HRT - Guest Women’s Hormone Expert Dr. Felice Gersh


#18 How Our Emotions Are Impacting Our Health – Fernanda & Dr. Linda


#19 How To Protect Yourself In A World Of Toxic Chemicals – Guest Dr. Aly Cohen


#20 Creating A Fitness & Eating Template for Your Body Type – Guest Fitness Expert Travonne Edwards


#21 What Is Biofeedback with Integrative Practitioner - Guest Dr. Hepsharat Amadi, M.D.


#22 Keto For Women: What Women Should Know Before Going Low Carb – Dr. Linda


#23 A New Level of Wellness – Fernanda & Dr. Linda


#24 Anxiety and Depression In Children How We Can Help - Guest Sophie Shaw


#25 The Gut Connection To Your Overall Health - Guest Nurse Practitioner Julie Davey


#26 Our Journey To Now: lessons we’ve learned along the way – Fernanda & Dr. Linda


#27 Getting Unstuck - Guest Author, Speaker and Podcaster Kimberly Rinaldi



#28 Ayahuasca, Kambo Plant Medicines – Guest Jane Oka Kaya Shin


#29 Let’s Talk About Medical Marijuana - Guest Registered Nurse Anna Oliveira


#30 How To Optimize Female Health with Precision Medicine - Guest Dr. Laresa Feredinand, M.D.


#31 How To Optimize Men’s Health & Testosterone - Guest Dr. Tracy Gapin, M.D.


#32 Covid Update Strategies For Your Health & Well-Being – Fernanda & Dr. Linda


#33 The Dangers of Acid Reflux GERD & Natural Alternatives – Guest Dr. Matt Lewis


#34 Why Our Subconscious Beliefs Are Holding Us Back - Guest Patrick Rurka


#35 Goal Setting The Right Way & Why People Don’t Reach Them – Fernanda & Dr. Linda

#36 How I Reset My Life with 40 + Ayahuasca Ceremonies – Guest Chrisy O’Hara


#37 How Gratitude Can Heal You, Upgrade Your Happiness and Abundance

#38 How Your Genes Impact Your Health & Wealth – Fernanda & Dr. Linda


#39 What Is Kundalini Yoga & How Can It Improve Your Life - Guest Julia Sylva


#40 What Are the Energy Centers & How They Impact Us Every Day – Fernanda & Dr. Linda


#41 What’s Causing Your Autoimmune Disease & How To Fix It – Guest Functional Nutritional Specialist Kira Whitham


#42 How To Protect Yourself From Burnout & Fatigue - Guest Dr. Alka Patel


#43 Your Manifesting Mindset – Guest Results Coach Jon Talarico


#44 Imposter Syndrome And Being Your True Self With – Guest Judy Herman


#45 What Is Sound Therapy How Can It Help You Heal – Guest Gaja Klas


#46 Using Your Voice & Story To Become Unstoppable – Guest Motivational Speaker Les Brown


#47 How To Shift Out of Stress & Anxiety – Guest Heather Rider


#48 Cancer Prevention Strategies – Fernanda  & Dr. Linda


#49 Intermittent Fasting for Women – Guest Women’s Wellness Expert Dr. Felice Gersh


#50  Creating Meal Plans for Health & Fitness - Caitlin Havener


#51 Four Steps to Creating A High Performance Mindset – Guest Ari Gronich


#52 Using Plant & Vibrational Medicine to Enhance Your Energy – Dr. Lulu Shimek


#53 The Exercise, Belly Fat & Stress Connection – Fernanda & Dr. Linda


#54 How To Use Hypnotherapy To Overcome Negative Beliefs - Guest Mae Deevy


#55 How To Be Healthy In An Unhealthy World – Guest  Dr. Aly Cohen, M.D.


#56  What A Pharmacist Want You To Know - Guest Dr. Tiffany James



#57  Bad Habits: How To Change Them - Fernanda & Dr. Linda


#58  In Pursuit of Happiness – Guest Life Coach Audra Erwin


#59  Change Your Identity To Create a New Life – Guest No Excuses Coach Chris Rausch


#60  Discover Your Untapped Power Through Breath Work – Guest Campbell Will


#61: The benefits of colon therapy – Guest Julie Martin


#62 How To Make Your Brain Better – Fernanda & Dr. Linda


#63: Creating an evening routine for health and abundance - Fernanda & Linda


#64: Ayahausca: A Different Approach to Mental Adversity - Dr. Jeff McNairy


#65: Our Plant Medicine Journeys -  Fernanda & Dr. Linda


#66: The Pain Cure – Guest Author, Physical therapist Dr. Mitchell Yaas


#67: How to self-heal – Guest Shamanic Healer Leo Cordero


#68: How to survive corruption in medicine – Guest Dr. Robert Yoho


#69: Is depression normal – Guest Mark Henick


#70: What successful people do – Fernanda & Dr.Linda


#71: Lessons for joyful living, creating a life you love – Guest Kimberly Rinaldi


#72: How would your life change if you were happier – Guest Vernon Brown


#73: Hormone secrets that can change your life with Dr. Robert Yoho, M.D.


#74: What is the 75 hard challenge – Guest Chris Rausch


#75: Optimize your immune system – Fernanda & Linda


#76: A natural prevention to breast cancer – Patricia Lucardi


#77: The benefits of the Amazonian frog medicine – Eduardo Huerta


#78: How your body type impacts weight loss – Author Sue Anne Hickey


#79: Coping with holiday mental stress – Fernanda & Dr. Linda


#80: How to deal with stress in healthy way – Fernanda & Dr. Linda


#81: Power of gratitude – Fernanda & Dr. Linda


#82: How to overcome fear – Fernanda & Dr. Linda


#83: What are Bach flower remedies – Guest Dr. Maggie Garvin


#84: What you need to know about menopause – Guest Dr. Felice Gersh


#85: Resetting you for 2022 – Fernanda & Dr. Linda


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