Strengthen Your Immunity with Elderberry

With cold and flu season just around the corner, you will see most over-the-counter cold and flu medications on sale as well as the popularly advertised flu shot. However, although cold and flu medications can help relieve symptoms, it’s not uncommon to later deal with bothersome side effects. And, there is no guarantee that a flu shot will in fact prevent you from getting the flu. It is then that natural alternatives come into play as the key is to help build up immunity in your body and strengthen your immune system for the fight against viruses. One of the most common herbal remedies for cold and flu viruses is elderberry. What is Elderberry? Elderberries come from the Sambucus tree, for

Why Have Celery Seed Extract in Your Medicine Cabinet

Celery seed is found in the flowers of the celery stalk, are brown in color, and are said to have a strong, pleasant smell. Properties such as flavonoids (antioxidants), coumarins (blood thinners), and linoleic acid (one of the omega-6 fatty acids), are what make celery seeds beneficial for one’s health and a favorite in Eastern medicine and has for thousands of years. What is Celery Seed Good For? Although celery seed extract is a common spice in many foods, there are several benefits to consuming celery seed such as: Support bone health due to its mineral content of calcium, manganese, magnesium, and phosphorus, which are all essential for strong bones. A lack of calcium in the body increa

Hypothyroidism vs. Hyperthyroidism: Do You Know the Difference?

The thyroid gland (located on the lower front part of the neck) is a hormone-producing gland that helps in numerous bodily functions from regulating the body’s metabolism to controlling energy levels and body temperature. Therefore, the hormones produced by the thyroid have a major influence in all cells, body tissue, and organs of the body. Unfortunately, thyroid health is a very complex topic as thyroid conditions are commonly misdiagnosed because many symptoms mimic those of other diseases and conditions. According to the American Thyroid Association, approximately 20 million Americans live with thyroid disease and almost 60 percent are unaware they have a thyroid condition. With thyroid


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