What Diet Is Best For You? Paleo? Keto? Atkins? Carnivore? Vegetarian?

What diet is best for you? Keto, Paleo, Low Carb, Atkins, Carnivore, or Vegetarian? It appears that most women are on some sort of diet 80 to 90% of the time. So what’s the best diet for you? Hopefully you will get some insight here. What is the Paleo Diet? The Paleolithic diet AKA Paleo diet is a whole food diet and focuses on eating foods our ancestors ate and is modeled after their diets. Eat these foods: Meat Fish Eggs Nuts Seeds Vegetables Fruits Healthy fats Avoid these foods: Processed foods Sugar Soft drinks Grains Most dairy products Legumes Artificial sweeteners Trans fats Margarine Vegetable oils Insights: Great starting point for many and adding gluten free grains and grass fed b

What Is Andropause? Is It Real?

I often see many women in the practice for menopause related issues but did you know that the male version exists? The male version of menopause is andropause. In menopause, women experience a drastic drop in female hormones that can create mood swings, depression, and even suicidal thoughts. Our poor men get to watch us suffer. However this article is not about women and menopause but about men and andropause. What is Andropause? Andropause is the equivalent to menopause, except men have a gradual drop in the production of the androgen hormones, testosterone and DHEA. Some other changes in hormones include androstenedione, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and progesterone. Symptoms often come

Managing and Preventing PCOS Naturally

Did you know that... Polycystic Ovary Syndrome affects 15-20 percent of women in their childbearing age. In the U.S. there are approximately 5 million women living with PCOS. What is PCOS? Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is a hormonal disorder that typically affects women during their reproductive years. Women who experience PCOS tend to have irregular cycles and can sometimes go months without a period, as well as have an excess of the male hormone, androgen. It is common for the ovaries to become enlarged and develop cysts on the outer edges in addition to also affecting the ovaries ability to release eggs. Therefore, women who have developed PCOS tend to have a more difficult time getti

Using Coffee Enemas for Detoxing the Body

In the times of the early Egyptians and Greeks, the practice of colon cleansing was quite popular due to its many health benefits and in recognition of the importance of good colon health. Fast forward to the 1900s, a time in which medicine was evolving as was the investigation for natural alternatives to healing. Dr. Bernard Jensen, a respected authority in the area of natural healing, promoted the practice of colon cleansing because as he believed, “Death begins in the colon.” It has been estimated that the body can carry anywhere from 1-5 lbs of impacted waste in the intestines (especially if you suffer from chronic constipation). With all that waste just “sitting” there, can you imagine


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