How to Stay Motivated

There are days I wake up and really not excited about life and then it drags on for the rest of the day, then the next day, and eventually for weeks. Does that sound like you? Well that was me years ago. Don’t get me wrong, it still happens. I don’t wake up excited everyday. There are days I don’t want to wake up, but those days are far and few in between compared to before. This is just part of life, but it doesn’t mean we have to stay in the dumps. Having a go to routine and effective strategies really helps. So I want to share what I’ve learned over the years. #1 The 5 Second Rule - Jump out of bed using the 5,4,3,2,1 count down and as Mel Robbins says, “Launch Your Ass out of bed." Thi

Eggs: Yay or Nay

There is great debate about whether eggs are good or bad for your health and if we even need eggs at all. However, the nutrients found in eggs outweighs the thought that because eggs are high in cholesterol this may contribute to heart disease. In fact, studies have shown that there is actually no effect on cholesterol. Still wondering if you should include eggs in your diet? Here are a few reasons why you should.... Top Reasons to Eat Eggs: Eggs contain choline, which is an essential nutrient necessary for supporting cell structure and the nervous system. It is said that most people do not get enough choline in their diet. Eggs are a great source of protein and an great option when you do n

Seed Cycling

SEED CYCLING Have you heard of seed cycling? It’s a process of eating different seeds throughout your cycle to promote hormone balance. Understanding your lady cycle A normal cycle is 28 days and can be divided in 2 phases. Follicular Phase Day 1 of menses to day 14 Estrogen is dominant to help for follicular growth or egg especially during the last part of the cycle. Ovulation occurs at end of this phase when estrogen peaks–-perfect timing for pregnancy to occur. Luteal phase Day 15 to 28 Progesterone is dominant and helpful for easing unwanted PMS symptoms like mood swings, bloating, cramping and sleep disturbances. Type of seeds Flaxseeds for Follicular Phase They are rich in lignans and

Digital Dementia

In today’s modern era we are being consumed by technology. When the average person opens up Instagram up to 150 times a day and elementary children use entertainment technology on the average of 7.5 hours a day, I think we are being used by technology instead of using technology. Technology was initially designed to help us make our lives easier. That's when WE USED technology. But nowadays: 75% of elementary kids have a television in their bedroom 68% of 2 year olds use tablets 59% of elementary kids have smartphones 44% of elementary children have game consoles I think it’s safe to say that technology is NOW USING US! And as a result of the over use of technology, we have DIGITAL DEMENTIA

Top 5 Foods to Improve Infertility

Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive after a period of 12 months of regular, unprotected sex. Unfortunately, it is a condition that affects many women (and men as well), yet in many cases can be treated through diet and lifestyle changes. The National Infertility Association (2019) provides the following statistics in relation to infertility: 1 in 8 couples have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy Approximately one-third of infertility affects the female partner, one-third affects the male partner, and one-third is a combination of problems related to both partners. 7.4 million women have ever received infertility services in their lifetime. Infertility can be a

Thinning Hair & Hair Loss Solutions

Did you know that over 20 million American women experience thinning hair or hair loss? Most affected are women 65 years of age and older: 65% of them experience hair loss or thinning hair. For many women having a full head of hair represents physical attractiveness and youthfulness. There are lots of lotions, potions, and oils for the symptoms of hair loss, but that doesn’t necessarily get to the root cause. The root cause of thinning hair or hair loss is usually linked to hormones. Here, I share some of the most common reasons for thinning hair and hair loss in women... And some of the common causes of hair loss and thinning along with patterns are... #1 Low Thyroid Function The hair loss

Importance of Good Vitamin B Levels

B vitamins are key for good health because B vitamins provide energy to the body as well as maintaining a healthy nervous system, and essential for skin, hair, and eyes. Those at risk for depleting B vitamins faster include individuals who are under constant stress, fast often, eat a vegan diet, have a poor diet, have digestive issues, or are on certain medications. Medications linked to depleting vitamin B levels include: -heartburn drugs (prescription or over-the-counter) -antibiotics -diabetes drugs -diuretics (high blood pressure/water retention) -birth control pills -hormone replacement therapy -antipsychotics/antidepressants What are common symptoms of B vitamin deficiency: -weakness/f

Why Your Life is Great or Not

Are there areas in your life that you’re not happy with? Maybe you need to ask this question... Are you interested OR committed? Many people are INTERESTED in achieving their goals and not committed. What's the difference? Interested You will do what is easy. You will do what is convenient. You will do what everyone else is doing. You will compare yourself to everyone else. You will believe your stories. You will believe your reasons. You will believe your excuses. You will stay in the victim mode. You will say "life happens to me." You will be a victim of your current circumstances/reality and come up with reasons and excuses why you can’t do it. You will FOCUS on the reasons why you can’t

Relieving Anxiety Naturally

Anxiety is a condition that, when not treated, can cause debilitating effects on an individual’s life. Anxiety usually brings on long-term stress, can be accompanied by depression, and contributes to a decline in an individual’s overall health. What are typical causes of anxiety? -ongoing stress -traumatic events -thyroid conditions -excess alcohol consumption -excess caffeine or sugar consumption -hormonal imbalance -family history of mental health disorders Typical symptoms include: -muscle tension -chest tightness -heart palpitations -high blood pressure -insomnia -digestive problems -panic attacks -irritability/moodiness -inability to concentrate -restlessness -sweating -inability to soc

How to Get Rid of Parasites Naturally

Quick Facts: -Parasites are pathogens that enter our body through sources such as unclean water, shellfish, pork products, and contaminated food. -Yes! Almost 50 percent of the populations carries parasites. -Five of the most common types of parasites found in the human body include roundworm, hookworm, fluke, tapeworm, and nematode. What common symptoms relate to parasitic infections? -inflammation in the body -brain fog -digestive problems -chronic fatigue -skin conditions such as rashes, itching, hives, and eczema -muscle and joint pain -anemia -teeth grinding during sleep -unexplained anxiety What are 5 of the most common herbs used to kill parasites? Black walnut: black walnut is a type

The Super Food Better Than Broccoli

The Super Food Better than Broccoli Since I am all about feeling great, looking great, preventing disease and if at anytime I can slow down the aging process you know I have my antennas on alert. Broccoli is one of the most researched superfoods with amazing anti-oxidant benefits that are chemoprotective, help stabilize blood sugar and even heart protective. But the new guy in town (really not that new) are broccoli sprouts. They are more potent than broccoli and as little as ¼ to ½ cup can give 10-100 more benefits than the same amount of broccoli. It’s really the sulforaphane that provides these amazing benefits by turning on the NRF2 pathway, which turns on over 200 genes with positive he

How to Reverse Iron Deficiency Naturally

Iron deficiency is quite common with almost 10 percent of women in the U.S. being iron deficient (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Iron is essential for many of the body’s functions, but most importantly, for the transport of oxygen via the cells. Low iron can lead to one of the most common conditions, anemia. The National Center for Health Statistics (2014), reported nearly 188,000 patients being discharged from the emergency department nationwide with anemia listed as the primary diagnosis. What are common symptoms and signs of iron deficiency? -anemia -low energy levels/fatigue -pale or yellow skin -shortness of breath -irregular heartbeat -difficulty exercising -loss of appet

How Smiling Affects Your Life & Makes You Prosperous

If there was something you could do daily that would not cost you a penny and could improve your health, the lives of others and perhaps even bring more good fortune to your life, would you do it? SMILE! There is science to back this up! Yes, smiling is good for your health and the health of others. It’s a natural anti-depressant, it can lower your heart rate and blood pressure and even makes you more attractive. Check out this article. People that smile more and make eye contact tend to create more opportunities because it’s makes them more attractive and approachable. The benefits of smiling: Improves your mood Lowers your blood pressure Makes you more attractive Stress relief Strengthen


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