Are Raw or Cooked Vegetables Better?

Some vegetables when cooked provide more health benefits, while others are drastically decreased. An example would be tomatoes and carrots. When tomatoes are cooked the amount of lycopene is increased, which has anti-oxidant benefits, more than Vitamin C, like sun protection, heart health and possible protection for lung, prostate and stomach cancer. When carrots are cooked, there is an increase in beta-carotene which is an anti-oxidant that helps with vision, bone growth and can even boost immunity. The Power of Cruciferous Vegetables Cruciferous vegetables like kale, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, collard greens are well known for their anti-cancer benefits. They contain glucoraphan

4 Essential Nutrients for Maintaining Eye Health

Diet is one of the aspects of eye care that few people consider. However, what you eat does have an effect on the health of your eyes because the eyes depend on important nutrients necessary for preventing serious eye conditions. Studies show that individuals who practice poor diabetes management and do not stabilize blood sugar levels tend to suffer more from conditions such as temporary or permanent blindness, blurriness, and cataracts. As of 2012, an estimated 142,648,393 Americans over the age of 40 suffered from vision problems (Prevent Blindness America). What nutrients are essential for good eye health? Lutein and zeaxanthin: are carotenoids found in foods such as kale, broccoli, Brus

Two Words That Can Change Your Life

The power of I AM. We have the power to declare and make changes in our life with the most powerful tool. Our words! What you speak out to the Universe will seek you out and find you. I am..................... When you look at your life are you happy with what you see? Did you know that most everything you see, you created? That may be upsetting or you may nod in agreement. Our words are powerful and how we use them can bless us or tear us down. It’s your choice. So what comes to mind when you hear I am (fill in the blank)? Was it positive or negative? Did it sound like this: I AM so stupid I AM tired I AM so busy I AM always late I AM overwhelmed I AM old I AM average I AM broke Or did it

5 Foods to Keep Your Colon Healthy

According the the American Cancer Association (2019), colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the United States. As of 2019, there are an estimated 101,420 new colon cancer cases and 44,180 new rectal cancer cases. And what is a determining factor? Diet. It’s what we are eating and our body’s ability to eliminate waste effectively. Many of the foods we eat contain toxic chemicals that the body cannot process accordingly as well as foods that weaken the digestive tract. What can you do to help improve your colon health and allow your body to detox effectively? Include foods such as: -Sunchokes: also known as Jerusalem artichokes, sunchokes are high in inulin, which is a type of f

How to Do Something We Don't Want to Do

Why do we struggle with change? It’s uncomfortable and fearful. We only change out of desperation (terminal illness, divorce, lose home or job) or inspiration (want to change for the better or sick and tired of being sick and tired). Most people don't make a change until desperation occurs. It's best to make a change of inspiration but that doesn't happen too often because there is not a lot to lose. What to do next…. 1. Make a decision, have a goal, believe it, and see it happening. 2. Start with small daily tasks, HERE. 3. Have a HUGE why with emotion attached to it. 4. Hire a consultant, advisor, or coach. It you want something different in life you must do something different.

10 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight & What You Can Do

Eat real food – Organic vegetables, organic fruit, wild caught fish, sprouted nuts and seeds, non-gluten grains, eggs, and raw pastured raised dairy products; avoid all pre-packaged foods Eat food your body likes not necessarily what you like – you may be eating healthy foods like eggs yet every time you eat eggs you experience bloating, skin rash, headache or joint pain; this would be an indication not to eat this food; other healthy foods may include avocado, coconut, and dairy products Eat enough food – most people are undernourished because they are consuming very few calories; a loose guideline can be desired weight X 0.6= Protein grams; protein grams X 1.2= Fat grams; carbohydrates 50-

How Do We Grow & Get Better

We are either growing or dying. We never stay the same. Some times we don't like change because it's uncomfortable. Most people become comfortably numb and live life asleep never reaching their highest potential. However, everything we want is outside of our comfort zone. When we become uncomfortable, it stretches us to do something different, learn something different therefore we become different. Change can be uncomfortable but it can also be exciting. Ready to move forward? Let's go! 1. Set a goal & know what you want 2. Have steps to get to your goal and set a deadline 3. Break down each step into smaller tasks with deadlines 4. Practice visualizing your end result, your goal using as

Why You Can't Lose Weight with Diet & Exercise

You are not really eating quality, healthy foods. You are not eating enough food. You are eating food your body doesn't like. Your hormones are a wreck. Your taking exogenous hormones- BCP, pellets, HRT. Your liver is sluggish. You have gut infections and imbalance. You have poor quality or lack of sleep. You have heavy metals. You have too much stress and a negative mindset.

How to Be Happy

SUMMARY: Are you often telling yourself, "I just want to be happy." You are not alone! Lately, it's been something more familiar than I want to admit. When this pops up, it's time to take action! Here are some helpful hacks: Be Grateful - have a gratitude journal or write a letter of gratitude – if you spend a minimum of 5 minutes of doing this you create a momentum of gratitude that raises your vibrational frequency. It’ like turning the dial on your radio tuner until you find a song you like. You are looking for a song to uplift you and raise your vibrational or happy frequency. Use Essential Oils – the olfactory bulb in the nose is connected to the limbic system part of the brain which i


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