How Well Do You Know Your Mushrooms?

When you think of mushrooms maybe you think about those you buy at the grocery store to throw in to your stir fry or the mushrooms you find out in the forest while on a nature hike. However, there are thousands of species out there, many of which have yet to be classified. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), medicinal mushrooms are renowned for the many benefits that come from consumption. What species of medicinal mushrooms are most commonly used? -Chaga -Reishi -Turkey Tail -Shiitake -Cordyceps What are the benefits of using mushrooms? Have antioxidant properties that help the immune system. Can help with relaxing the mind and body. Are used to manage blood sugar levels and help kidney

Top Sources of Fat When Doing Keto

Challenged by all the different fats out there? Don't know which fats to include into your new keto lifestyle? Here are the top sources of fats when starting a keto lifestyle. MCT Oil-Medium Chain Triglycerides, typically found in coconut and palm oils, is one of the top sources of fats due to the body’s ability to easily digest by passing directly to the liver and immediately converting to energy. MCT oil is great for weight-loss support. Coconut Products-Coconut flour, flakes, oil, and butter not only provide enough fat, but are also rich in vitamins and minerals to include manganese, calcium, selenium, phosphorus and potassium. The fiber content in coconut products are a great digestion a

6 Natural Ways to Kick Stress to the Curb

Nowadays, the word stress seems to be a common word in our daily conversations. In some cases, it is used as a badge of honor because it is assumed that the more a person takes on, the more successful they appear (or feel). Although there is such a thing as good stress (for example when you are about the receive an awaited promotion at work), living in distress is not exactly beneficial for the mind or body (such as is the case when constantly living in a state of negativity). So what are some simple and natural ways to relieve stress? L-theanine: an amino acid found in green tea leaves that helps increase brain waves which help relax the body and mind without the drowsy feeling. Herbal reme

Love Your Liver...5 Top Foods for Liver Health

Did you know that the liver: -Is responsible for nutrient storage, a good metabolism, immunity, and proper digestion. -Breaks down old or damaged blood cells -Helps break down fats to produce energy -Vital organ in thyroid hormone conversion for proper use -Only organ in the body that can regenerate itself And which foods help keep the liver healthy? 5 Top Foods for Liver Health -Veggies: cruciferous veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage help reduce liver inflammation due to its high fiber content . Beta-carotene, found in carrots and sweet potatoes, also helps in removing heavy metals and toxins, reducing stress on the liver. -Fruits: Lemons, with it’s high vitamin C content, h

MIA Nutrients and Why We Need Them

Nowadays, most of our foods are missing vital nutrients that not only help keep our energy levels up, but also support our immune system, and help keep away many chronic diseases due to being refined, or highly processed. Not to mention that farming techniques have changed, depleting fruits and veggies of what our body really needs. Are you getting enough nutrients through your foods? A good blood test can reveal deficiencies. Vitamin D: Deficiency leads to weak bones, muscles, and immune system. Can protect against chronic disease, heart disease, and cancer. Best sources of vitamin D include sunlight. If supplementation is needed, make sure to get a quality D3 product. Vitamin E: Deficiency

Top Foods for Heart Health…and Which to Avoid

Do you know which foods are great to maintain a healthy heart? Nuts: Eating 1 ounce of tree nuts per day such as almonds, walnuts, cashews, and hazelnuts can reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 20 percent! Fish: Packed with omega-3s, fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, and sardines included in the diet can help reduce plaque build-up in the arteries, lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk of irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia). A minimum of 3.5 ounces two times a week will do the trick! Berries: Due to its antioxidant properties, daily intake of blueberries and strawberries can significantly lower LDL, or the bad cholesterol, systolic blood pressure, and other markers. And, adding ber


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