A Holistic Approach to Menopause: Surviving Menopause

Almost half of American women are menopausal. This is why I decided to work primarily with women in my practice. It is my passion to help women who are seeking safe and effective therapies to alleviate their symptoms. Menopause is defined by the lack of a period for at least 12 months, around the age of 51 but perimenopausal symptoms (those leading up to menopause) begin during our 40's, sometimes earlier. It is estimated that between 75-85% of American women experience hot flashes for about two years and another 25% have for five years or more. Common Symptoms of Menopause Include: Depression Fatigue Vaginal Dryness Heart Palpitations Mood Swings Various studies have shown us the effe

Losing Your Hair?

“Hair is the crown for a woman’s head.” Well, something like that. If you have noticed clumps of hair in the shower or hair brush it’s not a symptom you want to ignore. There are various causes for hair loss that range from anemia (secondary to a bigger issue), to low thyroid function, to adrenal dysfunction. Anemia is a condition in which there are not enough healthy red blood cells to carry the needed oxygen to tissues in the body. This includes major organs, such as our skin, where hair follicles are found, and affecting hair growth or fall out. Low thyroid function, or hypothyroidism, is another cause of hair loss as the decrease in hormones interferes with the growth cycle of hair. Acco

The Road to Health & Wellness

A Health and Wellness Guide According to the National Wellness Institute, wellness is a process aimed at achieving one’s full potential in a positive and affirmative manner while addressing the six components of overall wellness: occupational, physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional aspects. How is wellness achieved? By making conscious decisions about your overall health. Supporting Your Overall Health and Wellness Journey Every patient should take charge of his or her health and wellness. This may be a daunting prospect, but being proactive about your own health care is the first step to living a healthy and fulfilling life. Preventative care is an integral part of your we

Have You Heard of the Hormone Irisin?

Another reason why short burst exercise surpasses longer workouts at low intensity! Irisin has been called the exercise hormone because it’s only released during moderate exercise that activates genes to transform calorie storing white fat cells into brown fat cells that are thermogenic even after exercise! It also suppresses fat tissue formation. Researchers also found that Irisin dampens the inflammatory cells and higher levels of Irisin reduced arterial plaque buildup. So the next time you are at the gym, you may want to consider cutting your gym work in half and doubling up on the intensity. As much as I love yoga it’s not going to produce irisin. However, it is beneficial for my mind an

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

Epilepsy…Metabolic Syndrome…Polycystic Ovary Syndrome…Diabetes…Alzheimer ’s disease…Multiple Sclerosis…Cancer. All different conditions yet sharing two common factors—insulin and leptin resistance. What is the role of insulin and leptin in the body and how do the terms relate to the ketogenic diet? Well, insulin, a hormone made in the pancreas, is responsible for converting sugar from carbohydrates into energy and helping the body store for future use; while leptin, on the other hand, helps control appetite by communicating to the brain how much fat is stored and how and when to use for energy. Therefore, an imbalance of one or both eventually leads to (a) inflammation in the body and (b) da


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