The Best Thyroid Tests & How to Optimize Thyroid Function

Testing An assessment of symptoms is only a small piece of the puzzle when decoding the thyroid mystery. Why? Because although you can have all 300 symptoms on the checklist, it could signify any other health condition not necessarily related to the thyroid. Therefore, it is important to support an assessment with the proper labs directly related to affecting thyroid function. And what labs would that be, you might ask? To begin, you might want to find a qualified health professional who is experienced in testing and interpretation. Yes, all doctors can read labs, well, anyone can read labs for that matter. However, a good practitioner will not only know how to read labs, but evaluate and de

Thyroid Symptoms...Am I at Risk?

What are Common Disorders and Symptoms of Thyroid Dysfunction and What Puts Me at Risk? Some quick thyroid facts... Did you know that… An estimated 20 million Americans live with thyroid disease. Approximately 60 percent of those affected ignore their condition. Women are five to eight times more likely to develop thyroid problems. Undiagnosed thyroid disease increases the probability of heart problems, osteoporosis, and infertility. Miscarriage, preterm delivery, and developmental problems are only a few of the consequences of undiagnosed or mistreated thyroid disease during pregnancy. As discussed in part one of this series, the thyroid gland is one of the most influential organs in the bo

What is the Thyroid Gland & What Does it Do?

Picture this…one day, you begin to notice you continuously wake up unrested and tired despite eight or more hours of sleep, you barely eat two meals a day yet you have added on a good 30 pounds, you are always cold despite it being the middle of summer, and to top it off, you experience and discover the real meaning of the words “anxiety attack and depression.“ But life wasn’t like that a few years ago. What happened? You assume the symptoms are all just the effects of aging. After all, the body begins to deteriorate at some point right? But wait…should the effects be manifesting in your 20s or 30s? So, you decide it may be a good idea to mention to the doctor that something is going on. He

Healthy Holiday Habits to Avoid The Holiday Weight Gain

It’s that time of year whether we love it or not, and it is up to us how much we do or don’t do. It’s also the time most people get sick due to the added stress from shopping, holiday parties, consuming sugar laden foods, and compromising sleep and exercise routines. However, this year does not have to be a repeat of last nor does the average seven pound weight gain you are still holding on to. Here are a few simple strategies to enjoy the holidays without the stress and extra weight include: Plan ahead- when you plan ahead on what food you will prepare, what parties you will attend, and budget your time and money, it helps you better manage your stress level and enjoy your days. Eat more of


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