24 Ways to Reduce Stress and Feel Better

In a world that tells us to BE MORE...DO MORE...YOU’LL SLEEP WHEN YOUR DEAD...HE/SHE THAT DIES WITH THE MOST TOYS WINS...etc., has created the number one reason for doctor’s visits, stress, and stress related conditions. Surprised? The most common stress related conditions we see today are headaches, diabetes, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, neck, and back pain. And the solution is not taking a drug, vitamin, or herb BUT it is about creating a lifestyle that allows us to cultivate mindfulness, gratitude, connection, and self-care. My advise...slow down and practice some self-care to reduce the stress and reconnect with yourself and loved ones. These are my top self-care strategi

20 Uses & Benefits of Coconut Oil

Did you know for many years coconut oil was considered unhealthy because it contains saturated fat? It was believed to contribute to heart disease, high cholesterol, and Alzheimer’s and many other health issues. However, coconut oil can actually help these health conditions. Coconut oil is one of the best known secrets because it is good for your hair, digestive health, and skin due to its antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties thanks to lauric acid, a medium chain fatty acid that is converted into monolaurin in the body, helping provide these benefits. The medium chain fatty acid (caprylic acid, lauric acid, capric acid) found in the medium chain triglycerides A

7 Steps to Regaining & Optimizing Your Health

We are all on a journey when it comes to our health. We are either trying to optimize it or regain it. No matter where you are in your health journey, these 7 basic principles have helped me personally and as well as thousands of clients I have worked. And here, I share with you. 1. Think Right – Oftentimes, we forget how powerful we are. Our mind is like a garden; it doesn’t matter which seed is planted, it will flourish. Plant a lemon seed and you get a lemon tree. Plant poison ivy and reap poison ivy. If we plant loving, encouraging, hopeful, and grateful thoughts, life will give us that. If we plant doubt, indecision, and fear in our minds, we will see that in our life. Our thoughts c


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