The Best Detox Home Bath

Detoxing the body with a detox bath has been a common practice among our ancestors. I remember my mom doing this for us. The skin is the largest organ in the body and is frequently eliminating waste. Think about the times you have sweat after a strenuous workout. Kind of smelly huh? Thank goodness for your body's natural ability to release toxins. However, that's not always enough... A detox bath can help with eliminating toxins from your body and also absorb nutrients and minerals. I remember the detox baths my mom administered to us. I have updated it to a sophisticated spa-like refreshing and invigorating type of detox bath since. Want to experience that spa-like bath feel? Read on...

The Health Benefits of Grounding

Do you remember as a kid wanting to kick your shoes off so that you could run barefoot in the grass, sand, or forest? I remember our last two trips to the Amazon jungle and how we walked around barefoot and how unnatural it felt to put our shoes back on after returning to the United States. There are actually many health benefits to grounding AKA earthing, that is encouraging the health conscious community and catching on quickly with mainstream America. What Is Grounding and How Does It work? Grounding is directly connecting with the earth with the soles of your bare feet. One of my favorite places to ground is the jungle (not so easy in the U.S), sand at the beach, and grass that hasn’t

The Best & Worst Fish To Eat

According to studies in the NeuroToxicology, Journal of Pediatrics, and Environmental Research human exposure to mercury is mostly through seafood consumption, and this exposure has been found to cause adverse neurodevelopment, cardiovascular, and immunological health effects in sufficient doses. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) recommends pregnant women or women planning to become pregnant should avoid eating fish highest in mercury at 500 ppb and over. Personally, I believe this should also be for the general public even though the FDA guidelines limit 1,000 parts per. The FDA recommends a 12 ounce guideline for weekly intake of all fish. According to WebMD the effective dosag


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