10 Simple Rules For An Awesome Day

We have a moment by moment choice to create a happy day or crappy day. Over the years, unforgiveness, bitterness, and feeling sorry for myself lead to a sick body and mind. When I decided I was sick and tired of being the victim and changed my perspective, my life changed tremendously! These are my top 10 out of 20 rules for awesomeness. ENJOY!

10 Ways to Create Peace in Your Mind

In today’s society being busy and having a lot on our plate has become a way of life. Unfortunately, it is not a sustainable way of life for prosperity, love, and peace. In our hearts we know this to be true otherwise we wouldn’t be searching for more meaning in our life by filling it with things to get done and checking off our TO-DO list. One day, I was sitting in one of my strategy sessions to do more and be more in this world and my coach had asked me if I have ever meditated. I told her, "I am too busy to meditate and I have lots to accomplish in this world." As I sat and looked at her and wondered how the heck she got so much done in her life, I wondered if she meditated, so I asked

Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Getting healthy is always on the top 10 New Year's resolutions list. Here are a several awesome ideas for healthy holiday gifts you want to give and receive. 1. Diffuser Essential oils are the real plant medicines that have been used for years and have proven how a significant impact on our health. Many people react to smells almost instantly and can change your emotional state in just seconds. You can add essential oils to a diffuser to create a peaceful state with lavender, focus with lemon, and peppermint to for headaches. This is a much safer method of infusing your home or office with a wonderful scent instead of toxic fragrances often found in the electronic plug-ins, candles, and air

5 Health Benefits of Blueberries

I am not a big fruit eater, however, I do indulge in blueberries 1-2 times a week because of their amazing health benefits especially for cancer, brain, heart, and even a a beauty food. Blueberries have been domesticated for over 100 years and native to North America. They are rich in antioxidants, which are considered scavengers of free radicals that are harmful molecules. Blueberry Nutrition Facts Blueberries are one the super foods that is very nutrient dense with many health benefits and rich in phytochemicals. 1 cup/serving contains 80 calories 3.6 grams fiber/serving 21 grams carbohydrates/serving 15 grams sugar/serving Vitamin K (36% DV) Manganese (25% DV) Vitamin C (24%) And what ar

Avoiding The Holiday Weight Gain

It’s that time of year when the Christmas cookies, cakes, and sugary laden foods start to find their way to your work place and your home. Most people gain weight...anywhere between 5-10 pounds, and during the holidays and never lose the weight, even with the commitment for their New Year’s resolution. Here are 5 simple strategies for avoiding the holiday weight gain……..​ Eat before your celebration. I often hear, “I am going to skip breakfast and lunch so I can feast at the party!" This usually is a sure way to gain weight. Eat a healthy fatty breakfast like eggs and sausage or a breakfast shake with at least 20 grams of protein and 1-2 tablespoons of fat like MCT oil, coconut oil, or coco

Which Vegetables and Fruit Are the Most Toxic

Every year EWG (Environmental Working Group- a non-profit organization) puts out their guide the dirty dozen and clean fifteen produce list. It's a shoppers guide to pesticides in produce. This list provides the top 12 fruits and vegetables that are heavily sprayed and you should buy organic! I do not deviate from this list when I buy produce and you shouldn't either. A single sample of strawberries showed 17 different pesticides according to the EWG. Click here for other key findings. The Dirty 12 Winners are: 1. Strawberries 2. Apples 3. Nectarines 4. Peaches 5. Celery 6. Grapes 7. Cherries 8. Spinach 9. Tomatoes 10. Sweet Bell Peppers 11. Cherry Tomatoes 12. Cucumbers The produce that


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